Old Guy Cruise

Selfish Pig Racing was started after some unfortunate issues with one of Robbie's rides.....It started out as a joke and has grown from there. The name came from the Mustang, then the logo and graphics were made. Stickers videos, and a website also followed.

Here at SPR our main focus is cars.... Driving, drag-racing, working, anything to do with cars.... Check out the other pages for pics and info on our rides and projects.

This webpage is used for us to post info about our rides, but we also like to spend some time on forums too....

The official Forum of Selfish Pig Racing is....

Texas Performance Events

check them out at http://www.texasperformanceevents.com

SPR Rides.....

Tommie's 02 C5 Coupe at HRP

Jimmy's 67 Ford at HRP

Colt's 03 C5 Z06 at HRP

Robbie's Mustang at HRP

Steve's 02 C5 Z06 at HRP

Robbie's 03 C5 Coupe at HRP

Evelio's Camaro at HRP

Jimmy's Mustang at HRP